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I'm the author of several urban fantasy series and I love speculative fiction of all kinds.

Natural Born Thrillers

NATURAL BORN THRILLERS (12 Thrillers from 12 Badass Mofos)

Twelve pulse-pounding and action-packed thrillers in a variety of genres from multiple Amazon bestsellers - Natural Born Thrillers is just the thing to get you through the long winter nights! 

From international conspiracies to supernatural threats and enemies, from the streets of Rome to the icy rings of Saturn, these twelve full-length novels from bestselling veterans of the genre are designed to thrill and chill the suspense lover in you. Over 1 million words and 2,300 pages of high-octane excitement!

Included in this boxed set are:

  • BENEATH by Jeremy Robinson - the bestselling, parsec award nominated, sci-fi thriller that takes a crew of astronauts and scientists to Europa, the sixth moon of Jupiter, in search of life beneath the ice.
  • THE HERETIC by Joseph Nassise - the first book in the bestselling Templar Chronicles series, where modern Templar knights battle supernatural threats and enemies.
  • THE CRYPT OF DRACULA by Kane Gilmour - For too long, evil has slumbered. But now, the prince of darkness has arisen...and he thirsts.
  • SILVER by Steven Savile - the first book in the international bestselling series pits the Ogmios team against a terrorist organization calling itself the Disciples of Judas. History, religion and conspiracies collide in this explosive thriller.
  • DOURADO by David Wood - In book one of the bestselling Dane Maddock Adventures series, the search for a sunken ship sends Dane Maddock on a search for the sword of Goliath.
  • THE CURSE OF ONE-EYED JACK by J. Kent Holloway- An FBI analyst begins an investigation into the disappearance of her brother. The trail leads her to a dark, dangerous parcel of Appalachian wilderness where even darker things lurk...including a man named Ezekiel Crane.
  • MAGIC MIRROR by Sean Ellis - It begins with a mysterious disappearance...it will end with the world on the brink of destruction. What will be revealed?
  • KIM OH 1: REAL DANGEROUS GIRL by K. W. Jeter - You know you're having a bad day at work, when partnering with a psychotic hitman to kill your boss is your best career move.
  • PARALLAX by Jon F. Merz - a Mafia hitman and a former terrorist with a psychic connection embark on a cat-and-mouse game with huge stakes on the streets of Boston.
  • KIDNAPPED by Rick Chesler - A priceless biotechnology, an FBI agent, and an unspeakable act of familial betrayal collide in a Hawaiian kidnapping more twisted than a DNA double helix.
  • DEAD MAN'S FUGUE by Casey Neumiller - A man is resurrected by his life insurance policy to find the criminal underworld and law enforcement alike are after his head...but he doesn't remember why.
  • PHAROS OBJECTIVE by David Sakmyster - A legendary treasure chamber beneath the ancient Pharos Lighthouse has defied discovery for over two thousand years...Until a team of psychic archaeologists dare the impossible.
Source: http://www.amazon.com/Natural-Born-Thrillers-Badass-Mofos-ebook/dp/B00HAFZG8Y
15 Supernatural Thrillers for Halloween
15 Supernatural Thrillers for Halloween
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Devil Said Bang (Sandman Slim Series #4)

Devil Said Bang - Richard Kadrey Another solid entry in the Sandman Slim series.
Invincible - Jack Campbell Couldn't finish this one. It seemed flat and stagnant to me, which was a vast difference from the first several books in the series.
Severance Package - Duane Swierczynski Completely off the wall, but fun nonetheless.
Raven Cursed (Jane Yellowrock #4) - Faith Hunter An enjoyable addition to the series.